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Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems Laboratory

Our research is centred in the exploration and analysis of the dynamics arising in switching converters. Beyond being nonlinear dynamical systems, these devices are non-smooth by its nature due to the rotation among different topologies. Our interest focuses in the extra complexity that discontinuities, in general, introduce in the dynamics and bifurcation patterns as well as in the study of new schemes of configurations or control in view of applications.

Mains research topics:

  • Specific dynamics and bifurcations related to dynamical systems with discontinuities in their field (system of equations that describes the evolution of the state variables).

  • Analysis of non-autonomous flows (time-continuous and time-dependent or forced systems) using appropriate Poincaré maps (stroboscopic discrete models) under different approaches.

  • Complex topologies of SIMO dc-dc converters (those using a single inductor and able to provide stable voltage for several outputs).

  • Analysis in the parameter space to determine ranges for proper operation and the main instability reasons. In this view, bifurcations of co-dimension higher than one are explored, mainly focussing in those involving some kind of discontinuity.

  • Influence of particular discontinuities in global aspects of the dynamical behaviour of elementary dc-dc converters.

Contact us

Dr. Luis Benadero García-Morato (Research Lab Leader)
Department of Applied Physics
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
C/ Jordi Girona 1-3, mòdul B4
08034 Barcelona