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Piezoelectric Materials Laboratory

The Piezoelectric Materials Laboratory is mainly dedicated to phenomenological study of the dielectric, elastic and piezoelectric behaviour of multifuncional ferroelectric ceramics, with special interest in piezoceramics.

Main research topics:

  • Linear and nonlinear dielectric, elastic and piezoelectric properties of ferroelectric ceramics.
  • Domain dynamics on polycrystalline ferroelectric materials.
  • Lead-free ferroelectric ceramics for tunable devices and transducer applications.
  • Lead-based piezoelectric ceramics with morphotropic phase boundary.
  • Doping and size effects on functional properties of ferroelectric ceramics. 
  • Structural phase transitions in solid solutions.
  • Piezoelectric nanocharacterization in ferroelectric thin films by atomic force miccroscopy.
  • Design and simulation of piezoelectric devices: ultrasonic transducers, sensors and actuators.

Contact us

Dr. Jose Eduardo García (Research Lab Leader)
Department of Applied Physics
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
C/ Jordi Girona 1-3, mòdul B4
08034 Barcelona