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The Materials and Devices Electrical Characterization Research Group (CEMAD) is formed by professors and researchers which majoritary belong to the Department of Physics of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). The group was created at beginning of 90' decade and took the present name in 2008.

CEMAD research is focused in the following topics:

  • Physical properties of materials:

- electric, dielectric, piezoelectric, piroelectric and elastic responses
- low and high temperature measurement

- non-linear and hysteretic behaviour

  • Materials synthesis and processing:

- lead-based piezoceramics with morphotropic phase boundary
- lead-free piezoelectric ceramics
- tunable and high-permittivity ferroelectric ceramics


  • Nano-characterization of materials:

- surfaces characterization of nanoestructures and nanocomposites
- local response by atomic force microscopy (PFM, EFM, ...)


  • Characterization of nonlinear systems:

- specific properties of nonlinear systems: dynamics, bifurcations, ..
- discontinuity induced bifurcation

- nonlinear tools adapted to power electronics

  • Devices and applications:

- test and characterization of piezoelectric sensors and transducers

- switching in power electronics

CEMAD has more than 250 m2 available for reasearch in UPC Barcelona Campus Nord, at the first floor of B4-building. Research activities are mainly funded by Spanish Government research projects.

The CEMAD permanent staff takes part in the postgraduate official program Computational and Applied Physics (Doctoral Program) of the UPC.